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Series Description: On the heels of the breakout theatrical release of Super Troopers 2, co-creators and stars Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme will be donning new uniforms in Tacoma FD, a new half-hour comedy set in a firehouse in one of America’s rainiest cities. Light on blazes that need extinguishing, these firefighters keep themselves entertained with creative competitions, friendly first responder rivalries and no shortage of bizarre emergency calls. Leading the firehouse shenanigans are Chief Terry McConky (Heffernan) and Captain Eddie Penisi (Lemme), who are joined by an eclectic crew played by Eugene Cordero (Andy), Marcus Henderson (Granny), Gabriel Hogan (Ike) and Hassie Harrison (Lucy).

“On the Hot Seat”

+Ep. 101: FD’s newest chief, Terry McConky, is under scrutiny by the city council to get serious about his station’s ratings. Meanwhile, his crew inadvertently puts his job in jeopardy by engaging in a ridiculous firehouse competition for a super sawft prize.

“Cop Wars”

Ep.102: Andy and Ike’s misstep on a call to a police officer’s house fans the flames of the Tacoma FD’s long-standing feud with the Tacoma PD. Chief McConky desperately tries to keep a lid on the dispute as he awaits funding for a new fire truck, but all goes awry as his crew slips into an all-out, tit-for-tat war with the cops.

“A New Hope”

Ep.103: The crew is assigned their first ever female firefighter, Lucy, sending the firehouse into a gender confused tailspin. When Chief puts the clamp on rookie hazing, the guys try to engage in their old traditions anyway only to find that Lucy is a force to be reckoned with.


Series Description: Created by Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello, the 10-episode second season will again feature Sedaris’ signature brand of silliness as she showcases her decorating, cooking and crafting skills. Each week of At Home with Amy Sedaris revolves around a conventional homemaking theme, with subversive twists taking segments in delightfully wacky directions. New topics explored this season include how to entertain teenagers, game nights, caring for the ill and makeovers.

This season, Sedaris welcomes an impressive list of guest stars, including: Rose Byrne, Matthew Broderick, Justin Theroux, Susan Sarandon, Gillian Jacobs, Juliette Lewis, Ellie Kemper, Fred Armisen, Michael Shannon, Ana Gasteyer, John Early, James Monroe Iglehart and more. Beloved season one guest stars Cole Escola, David Pasquesi, Heather Lawless and Ana Fabrega also return to reprise their roles.  


Amy attempts to understand the complex and unpredictable mind of a teenager, grappling with the irrational fear, utter confusion, and emotional fragility that comes with meeting an actual teenager. As Amy discovers unusual avenues to connect, in a twist no one could anticipate, she learns a little something along the way. Guest starring Matthew Broderick, John Early, Bridget Everett and Julie Klausner.



Amy struggles with a homemaker’s worst nightmare, crafter’s block. After Amy finds it impossible to create a hat from craft room odds and ends, she is formally diagnosed by Patty Hogg’s husband and former Doctor of Maritime Psychology with crafter’s block. Join us, as Amy battles back from the brink of madness to find the courage to return to her felt scraps and fabric glue. Guest starring Jessica Walter, Campbell Scott and Martha Plimpton.


TBS’ Miracle Workers

Series Description: (All episodes are available to screen.) The first season of Miracle Workers is a Heaven-set workplace comedy based on Simon Rich's book What in God’s Name. Daniel Radcliffe plays ‘Craig,’ a low-level angel responsible for handling all of humanity's prayers, and Steve Buscemi plays Craig's boss ‘God,’ who has pretty much checked out and is ready to move on to his next project. To prevent Earth's destruction, Craig and fellow angel ‘Eliza’ (Geraldine Viswanathan) must answer a seemingly impossible prayer: help two humans fall in love. Karan Soni plays ‘Sanjay,’ God's right-hand man.

The anthology series is created by Man Seeking Woman creator Simon Rich and executive produced by Lorne Michaels and Andrew Singer of Michaels’ Broadway Video, Simon Rich, Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi. Broadway Video produces the series in association with Turner’s Studio T.

“Miracle Workers”


Episode 101 – “2 Weeks” – Premieres: Tuesday, February 12th, at 10:30pm ET/PT

Frustrated with the mess that Earth's become, God contemplates the end while two determined Angels try to change his mind.

Episode 102 – “13 Days” – Premieres: Tuesday, February 19th, at 10:30pm ET/PT

God asks Sanjay to smite a non-believer, while Craig and Eliza realize they have their work cut out for them.

Episode 103 – “12 Days” – Premieres: Tuesday, February 26th, at 10:30pm ET/PT

A troublesome human complicates Craig and Eliza’s plan, while Sanjay attempts to burnish his credentials.

Episode 104 – “6 Days” – Premieres: Tuesday, March 5th, at 10:30pm ET/PT

Craig helps God recruit a prophet while Sanjay heads to the basement to help save Earth.

Episode 105 – “3 Days” – Premieres: Tuesday, March 12th, at 10:30pm ET/PT

Rosie meets with a competitor while Craig, Eliza, and Sanjay try to dupe God.

Episode 106 – “1 Day” – Premieres: Tuesday, March 19th, at 10:30pm ET/PT

God meets with potential investors for his groundbreaking new restaurant.

Episode 107 – “1 Hour” – Premieres: Tuesday, March 26th, at 10:30pm ET/PT

Craig risks it all in a desperate attempt to save Earth and all of mankind.

TNT’s I Am the Night

Series Description: (All episodes are available to screen.) Written by Sam Sheridan and inspired by true events, I Am the Night tells the gripping story of Fauna Hodel (India Eisley), a teenage girl who is given away at birth, and grows up outside of Reno, Nevada. Fauna lives more-or-less comfortably with the mysteries of her origin, until one day she makes a discovery that leads her to question everything. As Fauna begins to investigate the secrets of her past, she meets a ruined reporter (Pine), haunted by the case that undid him. Together they follow a sinister trail that swirls ever closer to an infamous Los Angeles gynecologist, Dr. George Hodel (Jefferson Mays), a man involved in some of Hollywood’s darkest debauchery, and possibly, its most infamous unsolved crime.