Super Deluxe is building the multiplatform entertainment brand of the future by producing unconventionally  creative, high-value programming built around the consumption patterns of a new generation.

Fluent in the native language of the intelligent, hyper-aware youth of today, Super Deluxe is unique among digital publishers and TV studios with its ability to combine all relevant content formats under a singular creative brand. Comedic and dramatic TV shows, short documentaries, viral web videos, 10 second snaps and interactive live performances all live within a single, connected entertainment universe. A universe that is defined creatively by unique storytelling voices, artistic style, thematic substance and good old-fashioned fun.

At the company’s core, Super Deluxe’s short form creators build loyal social audiences -- with an average age of 23 -- distributing engaging videos and interactive live content in interest verticals such as politics, issues, future and lifestyle under the Super Deluxe creative brand.

Then, Super Deluxe uses the social audience’s interactions, data and affinity to efficiently market a suite of complementary profitable products: longform TV show licensing, sponsor/brand integrations, live experiences and merchandise.

The combination of brand, social audience and IP enables Super Deluxe to create a “pinball effect” of value for audiences and business alike. Each piece of Super Deluxe’s IP connects with two or more complements, and each connection enhances the others, creating an experiential world consumers can dive into.

For example, a character incubated on the Super Deluxe channels can power a scripted TV show sold to cable or streaming partners. Then, the same Super Deluxe IP powers brand integrations and branded content distributed to the Super Deluxe audience on social media. Finally, the same IP can extend into a paid “deep-dive” experience within, or with apps and games produced in a freemium model. The more consumers want to experience a character universe, the more unique options Super Deluxe is going to provide.

Since launching in June 2016, Super Deluxe has become known for its political humor, described as “vital” (New Yorker) and “deftly skewering” (New York Times), and developed a loyal audience around Vic Berger’s satirical comedy. It brought Joanne the Scammer, a “messy bitch who lives for drama,” into cultural prominence with a series of viral videos, stunts and merch. The studio sold two seasons of Magic Funhouse, an adult show about the making of a children’s show, to Fullscreen. It also brought Sarah RamosCity Girl, a surreal romantic comedy that she wrote when she was 12 years old, to life in all of its millennial pink glory.

Super Deluxe also made its mark by cracking the code on truly interactive programming on Facebook Live, creating a series of choose-your-own-adventure-style shows that consistently go number-one globally, averaging 600,000 viewers and a 46.9% engagement rate per show. At this year’s F8, Facebook’s annual developers’ conference, Facebook said Super Deluxe’s community-driven live programming was the future of video.

Several of Super Deluxe’s series and docs have been making the film festival rounds in 2017, with two projects coming to audiences after premiering at the Sundance Film Festival:

Bayard & Me is a short a doc about how the openly gay civil rights activist Bayard Rustin, best known for organizing the March on Washington and advising Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., adopted his partner Walter Naelge in the 1980s for legal protections. From award-winning filmmaker Matt Wolf, Bayard & Me is an intimate love story from a time when same-sex marriage was inconceivable. Watch it on Super Deluxe’s social channels starting May 15. For more info, go to

The Chances is a dramedy series created by, written by and starring Shoshannah Stern and Josh Feldman that follows best friends Kate and Michael, who are deaf, through new changes in their lives. It will debut on Sundance Now, the AMC-backed streaming service. In the meantime, audiences can tune into the TV Academy’s College Television Awards on May 24 to see Stern and Feldman.

Super Deluxe News

NEWS: TBS and Super Deluxe to launch interactive late-night block
TBS is developing a fully interactive late-night programming block with sister company Super Deluxe. The block will feature a wide variety of content from the multiplatform studio's rapidly growing creative stable, all presented with compelling interactive components to further engage the members of the mobile-first generation. TBS plans to launch the weekly 90-minute block this fall with a comedy lineup that ranges in tone from dark humor to Generation Z ennui. Read more...

Wolfgang Hammer

President of Super Deluxe

Super Deluxe president Wolfgang Hammer is building the omni-platform entertainment brand of the future -- the first of its kind to combine straight-to-audience digital channels with premium long form entertainment.

Since launching in June 2016, Super Deluxe has become one of the fastest-growing premium social video networks, reaching more than 100 million viewers monthly, 40 million of which are between the ages of 13-34. The company sold two seasons of the half-hour comedy Magic Funhouse, an adult show about the making of a kid's show, to Fullscreen. Super Deluxe developed The Chances, a dramedy by and starring deaf best friends, which will debut on Sundance Now, a premium streaming service backed by AMC Networks.

Last year, Super Deluxe brought Joanne the Scammer into prominence with culturally influential videos, stunts and merchandise. Additionally, Wolfgang championed a new style of political humor described as "vital" (New Yorker) and "deftly skewering" (New York Times). It takes shape in videos, social media, and innovative tech. The company's groundbreaking approach to Facebook Live, which enables viewers to influence programming in real-time, placed in the top 10 most-viewed Facebook Live videos of 2016. This year, every live show has reached #1 globally, averaging a 46.9% engagement rate.

Prior to founding Super Deluxe, the Austrian native was president of CBS Films, where he presided over Inside Llewyn Davis, and was a director at Media Rights Capital, where he discovered and developed House of Cards.